Kids with Character: Character Education Workshop

kidscharacterCharacter is never old fashioned and a strong dose is needed to strengthen today’s kids for tomorrow’s challenges. In this highly interactive workshop, students creatively dramatize a Grimm’s tale which has been teaching listeners for centuries how personal choices reflect a person’s character. As the story is being told—and acted out by the kids—the audience will understand how each Story Character’s character affects the story’s plot and conclusion. This one-hour workshop encourages students to identify and value the “12 Traits of Kids with Character”: Integrity, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, Cooperation, Self- Discipline, Fairness, Citizenship, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Peace and Empathy. Qualities which they can use to create and rewrite their own Life Story.
Grades: 2-5
Curriculum Connections: Character Education, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Communication Arts & Storytelling.

“Karen Young engaged the students during her
very entertaining and fun storytelling workshop. It also
enforced the character education traits we
focus on at school. Super Workshop!” —
Illinois Teacher

Yarn Spinning & Story Weaving Workshop

yarn-spinningThis fun and interactive one-hour workshop teaches students, teachers, librarians and parents how to create and then tell stories in a way that will have your audiences so entertained and spellbound that they might even learn a thing or two. Imaginative tips on how, when, where and why to tell stories. Small groups will create stories, while literally spinning and weaving them, and then present them to the group. Stage fright melts away in this workshop filled with lots of laughs and learning. Handouts and Bibliography list included.
Grades: 4-Adult
Curriculum Connections: Communication Arts & Storytelling

“This was so much fun. Ideas for activities have been
flowing through my head so thank you for getting my
imagination flowing again.” — Kansas City Librarian

“Our young writers had a great time spinning and weaving
their stories with you.” — Parkway Young Authors Conference

Classroom Creative Dramatics Workshop

This one-hour, hands-on workshop, designed for librarians, teachers and reading specialists, is based on this premise:

The key to literacy and training children to be life-long readers is finding and maintaining their JOY OF READING.The key to helping children find their JOY is for teachers to embrace their own JOY OF READING.

To rediscover their own joy of reading, workshop participants will learn how to read or tell a story using the four methods of Creative Dramatics: Reading, Storytelling, Story Theater and Puppetry. Small groups will create and present their version of a story/book using one of the methods. Handouts containing information on creative dramatics as well as imaginative performance/ presentation tips are provided.

“You are amazing! Anyone willing to put themselves
out there can gain so much from watching you!” — School Assistant Director

Two Hour Expanded Librarian/Teacher Workshop covers all the above PLUS a Story Theater Workshop. Participants experience creative ways to involve students in the stories by tapping into the various learning styles. Tips include how to involve the audience in stories as actors, sound effects specialists and storytelling assistants.

“Hard to believe two hours went by so fast!” — Preschool Teacher
“Great team building experience.” — School Director