Holiday Tales

Holiday Tales

Stories for any holiday celebration for all audiences at schools,churches and community centers.

“Your stories were seasonal and appropriate for their ages,
so we know this was a learning experience for our students.” School Director

“It was a wonderfully interactive family event!” — Parent

Karen Kringle Tells Christmas Stories from Around the World

christmasStoryteller Karen Young goes back to her Scandinavian roots and becomes “Karen Kringle” during the Christmas season. She takes audiences on a journey around the world to hear holiday and Christmas tales. Discover the origin of favorite holiday traditions. Meet puppets from the North Pole. Hear original stories of Santa, his elves and Christmas magic. With Karen Kringle, every day is Christmas!
Ho-Ho-Ho for PreK-Families


Winter Wonder Tales

winterwonderWinter is the perfect time to gather together and listen to stories of childhood winters remembered, pioneer tales of blizzards or legends of the forces of nature and their battles between each other—and us! Snuggle up with this sampling of wintery tales.
All Ages.


Kindness and Kisses

valentine-dayTales from around the world remind us that kindness is often followed by kisses—and sometimes even earthly or otherworldly rewards. Perfect for school parties and character education events.
Ages: PreK-5


Love Stories

lovestoriesLove is found. Love is lost. Love is always remembered. Two full-length stories, from Karen’s “From Dawn to Knight” Celtic program, chronicle man and womankind’s eternal quest for love and companionship. Funny, endearing, and heart breaking.
Ages: Middle & High School to Adult


Irish Shenanigans

st-pats-dayLeprechauns, fairies and gold, oh my! These tales of the “little people” and “fair folk” are for the Irish and Irish-at-heart on St. Pat’s Day or any time you’re wantin’ to hear a’ bit a’ blarney.
Erin go Bragh for All Ages



From Dawn to Knight: Celtic Hero and King Arthur Tales

from-dawn-knightThe Celts (Irish, Scottish, British & Welsh) have celebrated heroes from the beginning of time. Those tales still speak to the hearts and minds of today’s story listeners. Tales of warriors, lovers, hunters, kings and even dogs transport audiences to a time and place filled with magic and heroism. “Peek into the Past” to meet the mythical Celtic gods—the Tuatha de Danaan—as well as Finn McCool, Prince Llywelyn, King Arthur, Merlin and more “otherwordly” characters.
Grades 2-Adult

“I loved the King Arthur story! Did it really happen that way?”

“This was the best program we have had
this year in our Noon Series.”
— University Department Head

Easter and Spring Stories

easter-springA Spring has Sprung program can be customized for your audience—whether it be sacred or secular. Stories of the Easter bunny, baby animals or the renewal of the earth as well as human hearts.
“Aahhhs” for All Ages



Fourth of July

julyfourthWhy do we celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks? Who were some of the characters—historical and tall tale—who helped form our great nation and its birthday celebration?
Fast, fun and full of fancy and fact, this program is great for all school ages.



Goosebumps and Giggles

goosebumpsKaren tells silly stories that send shivers up and down your spine. Meet goofy goblins and ghosts, brave little old ladies and courageous kids who have starred in slightly scary stories from around the world. Audiences will provide the spooky sound effects for the stories and maybe even go on a ghost hunt!
Giggles guaranteed for All Ages