Stories for the Young at Heart
and Ancient in Spirit

karenyoungKaren Young, from St. Louis, has been telling stories professionally since 1992. Each year she shares her stories with thousands of story listeners across the Midwest. But stories have been an essential part of her life since she was first told to, “Turn off your flashlight, stop reading, and go to sleep!”

Her Philosophy

A good story well told tickles your funny bone, engages your mind, opens your heart.

Her Stories

  • Make you laugh, cry, play, sing and shout out loud, “Tell us another story!”
  • Grab your imagination and lead you on a journey through time, across continents and cultures.
  • Let you “Peek in the Past” and bring history to life.
  • Aren’t just for kids. Teens, Adults and Elders discover that their life stories are reflected in timeless tales.
  • Are like riding a roller coaster. The ups, the downs, the SHRIEKS and the AAAHHS at the end.

Upcoming Public Performances

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And by the way, she still uses a flashlight at night.